Apr 07 2018

new fosta and sesta law what this means



Yes this is a bill to stop human trafficing. But there are thousands of adult entertainers who are not trafficed and choose at there own free will to be in this indy

there are 10000s of us who enjoy what we do. The goverment just cut there nose to spite there own face on this matter now many children who are exploided will never be found and thats the biggest fear of all.

There are several women now who could be possibly murdered raped and robbed with inproper screening of there clients. Because most of there networking is being forced to close. If you are another provider and are reading this please feel free to email me i am making a private network for orlando jacksonville gainesville ocala and tampa those are the areas i am in i will still give refrences and if gentalman are traveling and need a provider and you are on my list i will send them your info if you would like i would sugest other providers do the same keep it in a tight loop. its not being advertised this way.


to access ter you need a vpn and a forgin ip address

Jay: 2018-08-18 03:38:37
i think its a real good website