Will have to ask me  [more...]
It has been a while since i sent out a newsletter my personal page 352-221-1548 Some of you may get my newsletter 2 times bare with me im learning to send them out on my own to the mailing list I hope that you are doing well through this covid [more...]     Yes this is a bill to stop human trafficing. But there are thousands of adult entertainers who are not trafficed and choose at there own free will to be in this indy there are 10000s of us who enjoy what we do. The goverment just cut there nose to spite there [more...]
Well a ideal visit with me is the following A well groomed man who has showered and has clean nails A good personality, I do not judge you on dick size or what you look like. Just you being you is all i require when we are together. I do [more...] [more...]
I have created a list for you to use alot of the gals went over to personal section of backpage that wont last to long till they start fixing that ladys a tip i sugest if your a provider youstrt establishing yourself in the community it dose not hurt to [more...]
Well honestly i consider myself a simple gal on what gets me going most of the time it is a good kisser a man who is very intensive to a woman's body caressing softly slow hands a genital touch a man stroking my hair. I love a man who is [more...]
I have recently been on the road quite a bit this month of September It has been kinda new to me again but family in those places needed me. I am grateful to those that took the time to make life easier and pre-book and for those of you that [more...]
Did you know that women can review there clientele among other providers ? We now have the option of reviewing each gentleman that we see so that others can know before hand how there experience went and then be more picky when choosing there clientele this can be a great [more...]
Monday- Friday my in-call is pretty normal from 8 am till 10 pm weekends my in-call is from 8 am till midnight unless per-arranged out-call is still 10 am till midnight 7 days a week If you need a different time please pre-arrange with me so that i can get [more...]
I am wanting to wish each one of you a happy Valentines day i hope that each of you enjoy your special day.. [more...]
To those of you that i have missed since thanksgiving i am very sorry but i ended up with the responsibility of 4 young children and there mother on thanksgiving ranging from 9months old to 7 years old we all know that children cant take care of themselves i have [more...]
I really enjoy this time of the year, Sometimes it makes me miss being up north, Where the leaves change to vibrant colors. The amazing Autumn breeze. thankfully some of north Florida gets some of that. Take a deep breath look up at the sky be thankful for gods blessings [more...]
Mar 22 2017

Lost & Found

Hello friends i just wanted to make you aware , Some of you forget things from time to time when visiting. Sometimes it is because of every day normal life you are in a rush to get back to work or get back to your travels or have no idea [more...]
Dear readers i am finally back from my vacation in the Bahamas. Me and ashleyofsiclliy had a wonderful time on our cruise to the Bahamas. However i got a little to much sun exposure this time. There was a hurricane following us for the end of our cruise. Looks like [more...]
I wanted to take a moment to thank each and everyone of you in Richmond that i got a chance to see. I will be back in october sometime , I forgot how much fun it was to travel, I also forgot how the rest of the world was. Meaning [more...]
Hello everyone i hope your having a wonderful week. Me and AshleyOfSicily have teamed up to offer duo's sessions. As most of you know i haven't had a duo partner since Jen or Sascha due to being nervous about it with past experiences. Not saying there was a thing wrong [more...]
well friends the temporary hot tub is in and available for use the pool is almost ready for those of you that would like a private little place to enjoy with me the actual hot-tub room will be finished with in the next couple of months with a bigger and [more...]
Mar 22 2017

april notes

First off let me say thank you for those of you who have bared with me for the last 4 months of not being available due to helping a regular friend who got robbed and beaten under normal circumstances most people can take care of themselves but he was 72 [more...]
1. I do not offer massage it is a felony in fl to offer health care with out a license i do offer a sensual body rub 2. I will never post in my ads that : by contacting me you agree that you are not affiliated with any form [more...]
Hear is a list of things i have been working on for the last year . I have put new flooring down through out the house I have added a front porch and a back deck 2 layers with a pool I finally got the roof put on I cant [more...] [more...]
I want to thank those of you who have left me reviews, To me a review is reliving our special memory together, How ever i want to remind you there are some common things to leave out of reviews such as where i was staying or if you visited my [more...] Promoting Intimacy and Positive, Healthy, Consenting Adult Sexuality An Escort's Transformation Experiences Honest Wisdom that can benefit Providers and our Culture Belle - A Niagara Falls Escort ( gets wonderful reviews as a complete women and experiences that are often deeper than just sex, writes in her blog about [more...]
One Escort's Journey Through a Minefield! This is a speech I gave at the 2007 Desiree Allianceconvention. In my series, Book #4 will discuss relationships and retirement. Retirement is a big issue for me. When I retired, I discovered that I could find no information on retiring. No one else [more...]
Some escort agencies and independent companions get busted others don't yet they all sell the same thing; time and companionship. Is that legal? Neither product is sexual conduct so it has to be legal? If purchasing time to go have consensual sex is illegal then more than Jeane Palfrey and [more...]
Therefore it is very important that when you meet your potential date your appearance, body language, profile should be perfect. Whatever you do should be distinctly unique and fascinating. Following tips will come in handy for making the impressive first impression. Relax. Just play it cool. Don't panic and try [more...]
Why Escorts Say No to New Clients December 24, 2007 Escorts often turn down new clients. I know I did. Aside from those who didnt pass screening, any other refusals were always for one of the reasons below: 1.My gut instinct said no. 2.The client did not appreciate the value [more...]
Hello everyone i hope that you are doing well. I am still working on my in call i decided to have the outside painted that is almost done and install new marble tile installed in the bathroom have not started just yet . Each small improvement makes the place even [more...]
I wanted to take the time out to thank a very special friend for taking me to sandeag. I also want to thank you for the amazing gifts and the quality time you spent with me. I had a wonderful time . And you are an amazing man. I cant [more...]
I want to wish each one of you a happy holiday season this year may your wishes and dreams come true! for all of you who want to know what i did for Christmas i went to sandeago with a wonderful sweet friend. I also took on 7 children who [more...]
I am sorry i was not around from thanksgiving till the 8th of December due to a death in the family i had to travel to Ohio i lost my 10 year old nephew in a house fire I however am back from the 9th till the 24th and still [more...]
I hope everyone is doing well for the month of October i will be doing the same thing as last year starting after black Friday i will be starting on Christmas for 12 to 14 kids in the local area also all that i see i will be making your [more...]
I just wanted to let a few of you hobbyist know that have missed sascha what has went on even though she retired a few years back we still kept in contact with one another she was a great friend as well as a good person she did not deserve [more...]
I hope all is well with everyone for the last 2 weeks i have been pulling carpet out and placeing wood flooring in almost every room by the time its finished all rooms will have it but its a process main living room a hallway and one bedroom is finished [more...]
Well lets see i have been out working in the yard for the last 3 weeks planting rose bushes and various flowers and putting in arbors with solar lights around them. I planted 2 beautiful palm trees ; so far, I also think they are called date palms . I [more...]
Just a new interesting fact i have actually learned squirting i cant do it 100% of the time but i have got it down to once or 2 times a week and wow what an adventure ! [more...]
As of lately i have been noticing a few bad practices on the gentleman's part .. So i feel as if i should address this behavior.. One : Please don't bring a gun into my home or any other weapons leave them in your car . Two : If you [more...]
June 4th-7th i will be gone I am taking my second vacation This time i will be going to The Bahamas with my sister and brother for 2 day's. Then we are going through the keys for a little day trip. After all the stress of the new house I [more...]
Hi everyone i hope that you are doing well i am back from my little vacation. Well rested. I had a blast on my first cruise with my family we got to go swimming in the most beautiful clear water i have ever seen in my life , however we [more...]
HTTP://BETA.CONGRESS.GOVE/BILL/113TH-CONGRESS/HOUE-BILL/4225 This bill is now in affect any adult sites like ter bigdoggie and naughty reviews can be targeted women who host there own sites- and list a list of services can be gone after in order to post on most paid posting sites can be targeted. keep a list [more...]