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This is an extended getting to know me page for those who enjoy the comfort of reading about me !   


My name is Ashley Ann ! 17 years ago I started out as a provider . 


Mainly to learn new experience's, Also to explore my inner most passions and kinks .  I was married for 14 years ! yes i got married young  I have been divorced now for 17 year's ! This is a new beginning of learning about myself and other's !    I am currently 46 years of age !  I stand 5'5 with stunning big blue eyes  .  I have very long thick silky black hair that hangs down to my hip's !  My race is American Indian, Irish, and Italian  . I also hold a real job and have a normal life to  so it is important to communicate with me on booking time with me and scheduling. 




I love the sun and ocean.  

I also love to sit and read in the warm sun. 

I enjoy all music types from,opera, classical, country even soul pop to the old 80s classics and even R&B .  

I love to dance, hike, go camping, fishing, Amusement parks

I also love to travel i love being outdoors . 

I love planting and gardening .

I love old car's as well as museums ,  Ancient history is also something i enjoy in my spare time.  

My favorite season's would have to be spring and fall ! 

When i Tour new area's i tend to find something of interest in the area for fun !  

Rather it be climbing mountains are visiting zoo's or little local restaurants and casino's . 

I love going to malls in each new area because it provides a long walk .  

And a chance to unwind , But i am a typical woman i cant resist a chance to shop .    

I moved to Florida in 2005 .  Mainly because of the amazing atmosphere the

sunshine and beauty of Florida .  But most of all i  enjoy the friendliness of the people here.  

It is so different with the big city i grew up in.  

Life is what you make of it live each day like it's your last and truly enjoy it .    

I am very well educated .  

I was a nurse for almost eight years .  

And for the last 11 years i have been taking care of my mom with home health care !  

I am a care-giver be nature !    

I am college educated.  

I graduated from a top ten school i take alot of pride in my education and learning something new everyday!    

For christmas 13 years i got a little tiny tea cup yorkie her name is princess Sophia shes a cutie ! She also sounds like a mouse and sleeps alot . When she is awake she is following me around the house she has devloped quite a rare personality and my cat romeo is much much bigger then her. He thinks of her as A chew toy ! the newest addition is rascle he is a pure mess and thinks hes the king of the house at 42 pounds.he has quite a personality


I also have a spoiled cat named Romeo he loves to kiss and snuggle close.  He has the most beautiful blue eyes .   He is about the biggest baby you can ever meet he loves to drool all over my lap while i am on the computer and he snuggles close while i am sleeping .  He hates when i travel in the summer !

I have also been spending a lot of time with my mom !   She has been a very important part of my life in the last ten years .  I found her back in June of 2005 .   I have a 27 year old little sister who moved off to Michigan to start her own life Now currently back To florida .  She normally is a great young lady i couldn't be more proud of her ! She finally got married and now is off to start a life of her own.

I also volunteer my time at the local shelters to help with people in need . 

Around christmas is a busy time of the year i tend to take on family's who dont have anything for the holidays I play Santa to children and fulfill there wishes !

I Also have alot of baking to do and cooking.

I have also every year since i started this profession made sure whom ever i see starting from thanksgiving till christmas has a gift from me to them to show them how much they are appreciated, Adored and cared about !

I now have a farm with chickens and little piggies the babys are so cute.



I am always well manicured and pedicured and well dressed.

I dress as a lady should be dressed. (UNLESS YOU REQUEST OTHERWISE) You will not see me in jeans and tee shirt unless you request me to dress that way. 

I am very selective on whom i choose to spend my time with.  I prefer men who are from the ages of 35 and up just due to the nature of communication.

Those of you looking for the ultimate GFE look no farther. 

I am very passionate, I also love to explore. 

Your visit with me will be completely non-rushed.  Your visit with me will always be 100% about you ! 

After all you may only get a few moment's to slip away from the outside world.

This should be as special to you as it is to me.

I am always polite and courteous and respectful. 

I will always be attentive and anticipate your every need and cater to you fully,  Because to me you are number one.  I also only see one gentleman a day to insure you that you have my undivided attention.  Beside i like taking my time with the person i have chosen to see.

After a confirmed appointment i will not answer my phone for anyone else that day. 

So if no one answer's it is because i am already doing my own thing for the rest of the day.   If you wish to see me i suggest that you let me know a few hours in advance ! I do book quickly .

By using the calendar portion of this website, Or the contact page. You can make first contact with me. I am not a clock watcher nor will i ever be,  I find that it is very tacky to rush visits.

I try to cater fully to everyone i see ! I am 100% D & D free. 

I am tested every two months for my own personal awareness and safety ! 

Just because if a problem ever came about i would like to be the first to know and stop it before it got out of hand !   

However this dose not mean

that i practice unsafely !

( I care about myself as well as whom i see) ! So please skip the question of BBFS . 

I take a lot of pride in my health and well being . As i expect the same from you . 

I have never been addicted to drugs or alcohol ! 

I do not believe in putting harmful substance's in my body !

I also expect the same thing from you. (Please do not bring drugs on a date with me !) What you do with your own personal time is on you just dont include me in those activity's . Also please do not be intoxicated when i arrive .

I will terminate our date ! (And I will expect full compensation!) After all this is supposed to be a special time for you to unwind and relax .

Each person moves at a diffrent pace .    When we are together you are the only person that matters at that point in time . 

My phone ringer will be off and the outside world will be gone . I also do not keep any records of our time together .

So if we have met in the past you will have to remind me when and where i saw you last . Also a small detail of our date if you remember .  

I am completely committed to your privacy and your safety and satisfaction as well as my own.  All my photos are 100% REAL

My photos are never photo shopped i want you to see exactly who i am before hand that way there is no disappointment's. They are always updated MONTHLY . 


THE GFE EXPERIENCE TO ME IS : A little info about GFE !   

The GFE experience is just as it sounds being a girlfriend to you for what ever time period you are with me !

I am all yours for the length of time we choose to be together,

I provide all of the things that your gf or significant other doesn't like to do.(OR WONT DO) I am warm open minded passionate and a good listener,  I also have amazing people skill's . 

I provide the ultimate gfe experience cuddling kissing soft touches and caress along with so much more.  There is so much more to being a GFE provider that some lady's will never have no idea what it means to provide.  When we are together we will feel like we have known one another forever once we meet. I hope to provide you with a level of comfort. That you can not find anywhere else. 

Anyone i choose to see is special to me. I will always be there as a friend whenever you feel the need for me to share laughter and companionship . Rather it is a quick email or Instant message through yahoo or a visit. Just remember i am there for you. The outside world dose not exist. I prefer you to think of me as any other lady you have chosen to spend time with and be yourself.  Yes i enjoy what i have chosen to do with my time. 

Besides this is a new adventure for the both of us.  And even thou these are just some words on a website you will have to take actually the time to meet with me in person to see the difference.  I personally guarantee you wont find any providers like me .  I am simply me a practical fun gal sweet exotic lady who loves people no matter who they are .  I make no claim to be anything other then myself.  p.s. (I think my biggest turn on's would have to be a man who loves to kiss,touch and feel Or someone stroking my hair.) 



You may go to the services page to see all listed activity's. I tend to enjoy a little of everything i have no hangups. Also role playing is acceptable. Do you have a smoking fetish? Do you need a MOMMY WHO IS STERN? Are you feeling a little sick and need a cute NURSE to cheer you up ? Maybe you are into heels and freshly painted toes ? Are just maybe you are in need of a maid to dust your walls. Or maybe you like to be tickled and held down ? Or you just like to wrestle?   And yet you might have the desire to worship a woman and be treated like her little pet ? Maybe perhaps you're looking for your princess to spoil for the day or that woman who can be totally submissive to your demands ?  

I even cater to men who love toy's what ever it is please feel free to tell me about it. Do you have a fetish i have not listed ? All guide lines must be followed. Also please follow proper etiquette.

I cater to almost all fetishes if there is something not listed here and you enjoy it please ask me about it .



First i will always try to set myself at a higher standard then any other provider out there. I am friendly sweet and down to earth and full of passion and excitement . We will feel like old friends reconnecting. To me you are number one. I am unique and i am extremely passionate and very open minded sexually . I am a very giving woman. I take a lot of pleasure from pleasing you and taking my time with you. I enjoy non rushed visits that is one reason i do not offer the 15 minute and half hour sessions. So please share with me your thoughts your passions your desires a Memory's can last a lifetime so lets make a few.

I am very open minded I am also playful fun and sensual. I have been told i am a little on the wild side! I love to try new thing's  In fact i guarantee I am unlike anyone you have ever met Or chosen to meet with .  I enjoy learning new things, after all that is what life is constant learning .  I have a very warm heart, kind, considerate as well as easy going. I am also very giving and friendly i also love and adore people .  I do not have any hangups when it comes to meeting new people or their lifestyles..  100% non- judgmental .  I hope you can be 100% yourself while visiting with me. I am just me a sweet gal who was raised in Columbus Ohio. I moved here to Florida after my divorce To take care of my family. I spend a lot of time taking care of my mother and she is my top priority.



I only see one gentleman a day to insure that you have my undivided attention and fully focus on you.  I'M uninhabited , fun there will never be any drama or hangups.  I am a full service independent provider .  If you are looking for that true GFE please look no farther.  I am very proud of my reviews that i have so far.  If you would like to see them they are in my review section with links to them.  I do not have every review posted yet.  I did not start until OCTOBER 1ST 2007 as part time GFE provider just because i wanted to see if this was something i would enjoy. It has turned into full time seven days a week.  Because i feel i have found my calling.  Nothing will ever compare to the great people i have met.  If you seek a reference i am reference friendly please let me know that you are using my info first !




Please also remember if you have to cancel our date i expect you to do so with in a reasonable period of time, If you do not i will add you to the black list and will not accept a date from you . I do understand situations arise but please be respectful of my time as I would do the same, I will always give proper notification if i can not make our date.

A FEW QUICK NOTES Questions  & Answer's      

Are there any up-sells for your services ?

No I do not have rates for services only for time spent. I have very reasonable flat rates and have not raised them since I started this in 2006 


 What you can expect from my in-call. A Clean home , A  hot shower and clean shower area  ,A  discreet location, A romantic escape, That was created for you in mind. I have soft music candles warm oils that are avaliable upon request. You are curious to learn about me.  The best answer I can give you is to read my website Get more comfortable with me by reading the learn about me page or my blog !


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