Mar 22 2017

Just a couple of things i do wish to go over with everyone

As of lately i have been noticing a few bad practices on the gentleman's part .. So i feel as if i should address this behavior.. One : Please don't bring a gun into my home or any other weapons leave them in your car . Two : If you are obsessively drinking or drunk please skip past me i really cant tolerate the smell of it and really dislike sloppy drunk men.(one drink is fine ) ME MYSELF I AM COMPLETELY AGAINST DRINKING AND DRIVING Three : If you are on drugs leave them at home i do not want them near me on any date in-call or a out-call .. also if i catch drugs on you it is grounds for intimidate dismissal and you will still be obligated to pay my rate in full .. FOUR: If you are not willing to be screened and dont trust a legitimate service provider with the screening information then please pass me bye . I am sure the druggies need your time more then i do i prefer upper class gentleman who have some class about themselves and who they see anyway. FIVE: It is also well known i am a bbw size 12-14 if your not comfortable with a bbw look elsewhere i am 37 years old and turning 38 in April i do not wish to entertain men who have a problem with women who have a little meat on there bones i am not some skinny twig and never will be. I am comfortable with who i am. If you have a problem with bigger gals then that is your issue not mine. I also update my photos once a month no they are not Photoshopped however i do wear more makeup and there is more lights in the room where i am photographed and i do put a border and my website and phone number on my photos due to photo thief's. As do many other professional entertainers.Nothing is ever enhanced . I also do not blur my face because i want you to be aware of what you see is what you get . Six: Yes i have dogs little ones for my secondary income I breed Yorkie's and shih tzus. They have there own kennel outback now . However i keep the baby in the house to train and housebreak her she is 8 1/2 weeks old now. I am considering keeping her (BUT If you are interested in getting a small dog for your family let me know. She will not go with breeding rights . She is up-to date on all her shots and i will not let her go for less then 1200.00. Her mom and dad are on the premiss and well cared for along with this little angel. She is spoiled rotten, Her main downfall is that she loves to lay on top your feet . and be next to you . Enough with my rambling if i have not offended you then good your the type of man i wish to see .If i have offended you in any way go on about your day as normal. I am a normal loving woman with a heart of gold and will treat you like a king. The time i spend with you is meant for a little get away and a little stress relief for both of us. Lets face it everyday life gets hectic and everyone deserves a little time away from the normal .. I also will never judge you on any of your fantasy's are ideas or anything you share with me our time is our time and meant to stay between us .. discreetly