Mar 22 2017

I am back from vacation

Hi everyone i hope that you are doing well i am back from my little vacation. Well rested. I had a blast on my first cruise with my family we got to go swimming in the most beautiful clear water i have ever seen in my life , however we did get chased bye a sting Rae lol We are all big ole chickens , We went and seen caves over in the Bahamas as well and got to experience some of there wild life little raccoons that wanted to take our shoes but they were cute . We have never experienced a cruise so this was a completely new adventure to me my baby sis and my little brother . Next year we are planning on Hawaii,another new adventure for all of us . we have created a bucket list mine i will list below. So i guess its time to get a passport and check off one thing we can do a year when they get there vacation time. My list Las Vegas , Because i love theater and i like to play slots on occasion. Cancun Mexico , I love to swim and love the ocean if its clear and you can see to the bottom of it .. Australia Just because i hear it is beautiful there to Paris and Rome and maybe London , I would love to see the pyramids one day. Maybe another trip to the Bahamas Atlantis . So far that is my bucket list for now ill be adding more to it eventually when i think of everywhere i want to experience in my life time. I may never get the whole bucket list done but if i can its one place a year .. Life is to short not to enjoy each day. Now that im refreshed and feel better I am ready to go and enjoy each of you .. Hugs and kisses cant wait to see you