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Please also remember if you are choosing to leave review not to mention our discussion topics what we discuss is between me and you. I also do not believe in spreading gossip about other service provider's.  

Be a gentleman and respectful as i would be to you. What we do with our time is between us . I take great pride in being able to provide you the comforts of a Quality provider in high standing for over four year's now. 

I also wish many many more great years.

( With All of the wonderful people i have had a chance to meet so far .)  I adore each and every single person i have met in the last four years as well ! I also adore the gentleman whom i have met me in the past .  (* THEREFORE they are not required to use my contact form just a phone call*) All new friends will have to be screened before i decide to meet with any one new.   Please note i am very selective on whom i see and choose to screen !  If you cant be honest with me about past provider reference's then please pass me bye !   I will not jeopardize myself or others because you don't want to be upfront! (I want to enjoy myself as much as you do). I take great pride in providing safety of my own environment as well as the environment you have chosen !


All the reviews are also 100% REAL. I tend to treat each person as i want to be treated I also strive for consistancy.

Any fake review will be reported and defiantly brought to the moderator  from any site they are posted on . Please do not post a review if we have never met . I feel that fake reviews jeopardizes the whole community .

these are a listing of my review links that are around on the web,

It still saddens me that is no longer around that is where i had gained the most reviews over the first few years .

The erotic review link to my reviews:

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Naughty reviews review link:

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I had a wonderful dream about Ashley on Wednesday. The dream was very relaxing and I had a wonderful time too bad it had to end.

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