These rules apply to everyone i choose to see ! initial contact rules please remember. These are for all escorts

1. Compainions don't sell sex.

2. Compainions don't talk about sex.

3. Leave the donation on the table in plain view.

4. Don't talk about about sex.

5. Have ID available.

6. In order to enjoy the services of an adult compainian, you need to learn how to discuss everything correctly. In order to discuss anything intelligently, You need knowledge.

7. Compainians do not sell sex! As a matter of fact you can pretty much insure a really bad experience with any escort if you ask her how much it would cost to have sex with you.

8. Leave your money on the table. All escorts will tell you what they expect in donation, before you get there. So don't make the escort ask you for money.

9. Don't talk about sex! Have your ID available, If asked for the escort to examine if she/he chooses. If you don't trust your escort enough to see your Id, Then you need to look elsewhere for compainionship.

10. Compainians will be so much more comfortable with you and you will have a better experience if you follow this advise.

11. I do not indulge in rumors about other providers nor should you! I do not personally know the other providers in any area. And they do not know me I am a 100% independent service provider.