Mar 22 2017

what is new in my world ? everyone has been asking so here it is

Well lets see i have been out working in the yard for the last 3 weeks planting rose bushes and various flowers and putting in arbors with solar lights around them. I planted 2 beautiful palm trees ; so far, I also think they are called date palms . I made 2 brick planters both have water fountains in them, along with painting the stair casings and patio area in the front . Then just yesterday my little yorkie had 2 puppy's only one survived the baby pup was stuck in both canals . I hate that she lost it but i think with this being her first time as a mommy prob was for the best the other puppy is doing just fine .. Other then that i have so much more yard work to get accomplished over the spring before it gets to hot to work outside// Also you wont be seeing me advertising on back page to much maybe once or 2wice a week but i am still available every day i just feel that those of you who see my side ad on back page will know i am around each day . Other then that that is what i have been doing in my world i also hope you like the new photos for February.