Mar 22 2017

To My review's and reviewer's

I want to thank those of you who have left me reviews, To me a review is reliving our special memory together, How ever i want to remind you there are some common things to leave out of reviews such as where i was staying or if you visited my home safety and discretion is a must, Lately my reviews have been all over the place so let me address this now , I am a bbw size 14 at 179 pounds I am not a skinny gal but i am not huge either there are bbw's and supper bbw's a bbw is a size 12-18 a supper bbw is a 20-28 For some men they simply like the smaller younger gals i am completely OK with that i am not here fulfill the needs of a super model i am a normal beautiful big gal who loves men and loves what i do