Mar 22 2017

October Entry

Hello everyone i hope that you are doing well. I am still working on my in call i decided to have the outside painted that is almost done and install new marble tile installed in the bathroom have not started just yet . Each small improvement makes the place even better even though it was fine before i just like to keep busy ! The wall mural looks great as some of you who have visited has already gotten to see it . I hope you are all having a wonderful start to the holidays. I know i cant wait to start baking and making the candy and cookies and putting up the decorations . Even though i don't have kids of my own i sponsor a few family's each year along with toy's for tot's ! I hope that you all remember toys for tots this year as well. I want to thank everyone whom i have gotten to visit with this month you do not know how much i have enjoyed everyone i have had a chance to see.