Nov 10 2020

november news letter for those that did not get on

It has been a while since i sent out a newsletter my personal page 352-221-1548 Some of you may get my newsletter 2 times bare with me im learning to send them out on my own to the mailing list I hope that you are doing well through this covid 19 and trust all is well with you I KNOW THIS YEAR HAS BEEN STRESSFUL FOR MANY OF US thankfully we still have a lot to be thankful for I will be offering my normal schedule this week in-call and out-call from Orlando Jax Tampa Gainesville Ocala lake city and Valdosta the villages from 9 am till 9pm in-call is 9 am to 11 pm for those that know me personally a simple phone call or text is all that is needed for anyone whom i haven't met screening is required i was involved in a collision last week but i am doing ok and so is the person that hit my car. but my car got totaled out so while i am able and have a rental i will be running as much as possible in between drs apts so that i can maintain bills a car rental and work toward a down payment on another vehicle Jen has moved to merit island and has awhile to recovery it has been a crazy few months with everyone i trust everything will go back to normal before to long for everyone please have a happy and safe thanksgiving if i dont get to see you before hand