Mar 22 2017

april notes

First off let me say thank you for those of you who have bared with me for the last 4 months of not being available due to helping a regular friend who got robbed and beaten under normal circumstances most people can take care of themselves but he was 72 and had sever brain trama and no family or friends here in the usa and is a snow bird. so he asked for my help and i reached out to help .. for those of you that i did get to see inbetween playing caregiver, and bared with my horrible schudule i want to thank you for that.  I did get to go visit Canada and just got back on the 7th of April it was really cold there. I did get a few nice photos and got so see a few cool places and learned alittle about a diffrent country and now have a passport to travel to some of those places i really want to see    My schedule is compleatly back to normal now. Again thank you for baring with me while i was unable to see many of you or travel at this time ... P.s i finally finnished bathroom project next will be new flooring in my room not sure when that is going to take place however i am looking into options