Ask your Questions to Ashley Ann

1. Do you have a problem with a man not being circumcised? Will you perform BBBJ on an uncircumcised man? Some providers get freaked out when they see a man is uncut. by Bill F

Answer : no i have no issue with men not being circumcised

2. Hi Ashley, will it be ok if I can add you to my gmail i also have one. what month will you be in palatka fl we can kiss, deep french kissing, snuggle, also love back rubs. by Brian H

Answer: yes you can add me to your gmail

3. I'm a newbie. How long will you be in the Daytona area? 2. Do you do in-calls here? 3. How often do you get marriage proposals? by Joe

Answer i only offer outcall to the daytona area 7 days a week i do not have a incall there baby at this time lol i get marriage proposals all the time but i enjoy being single 

4. How early do you take incalls at your place?

9 am unless other wised pre-arranged

5. How do you feel about over weight men. Is it a deal breaker?

I enjoy all men regardless of there shape or there size your weight is not a issue for me

6. So what your screening process all about babe??

screening is so that i know who i am seeing , and that i am safe i do not keep any information on anyone that is submitted ..

7. Do you ever make your way down to Tampa?

yes i offer outcall there as well 7 days aweek

8.  Why do you travel so much ?

I enjoy the escape and break away from the normal activity

9. Do you offer massage !

NO i am not a licenced massage theropist i only offer body rub's

10. Will you be taking a new partner on?

no i do not think i will at this time .

11.  Do you get tested for std's?

yes i am tested monthly for std's and i take exclent care of my health in general

12. Why wont you discuss your services on the phone with me ?

I make a good general practice not to discuss services or rates on any phone call , If you are explicit i will hang up on you i am sorry but this is for my own saftey

13. What is your shoe size?

I am currently a size 6 1/2 for shoe size

14. Are your photos up to date?

Yes i update my photo's each month normally around the 5th of the month

15. Do you cater to fetishes if so what kind ?

Yes of course i do and you will prob need to email me on your fetish and i can say yes or no

16. Do you allow photos to be taken during a visit?

Yes i do as long as i get a copy as well  

17. I see you recommend date-check and p411 dose it leave a paper trail ?

In my professional oppinion date check is the best one out there for screening services

18. What screening information is needed ?

Normally your name age race time requested and length of date along with a past provider refrence if you do not have a refrence you will need to submitt employment verification . name of company an extention to reach you or human resource department

19. Do you see hobbyists of all races?

I think all people are created equil i dont judge bye race

20. will you trample or walk all over me in high heels?

sure if that is what you are seeking

21. why are your hour's are set after 10 am

normally because i enjoy sleeping in alittle but if you need a earlier time just email me

22. How often do you come to Ocala?

I live 15 minutes away from downtown ocala so i am there often

23. You discussed squirting in your blog, are you able to?

Yes on occassion i am able to

24. Are you willing to bring high heels during your visit?

yes all you have to do is request me to bring heel's

25.  When you arrive do you bring outfits for the session?

Only when requested or when i am touring

26. Do you see married men?

Of course i do most married men are less drama

27, I have seen you in the past but wondered if you would see me and another friend together !

I am a one on one kinda gal unless i really know you !

28. Are your pictures really you ?

Of course they are i have over 3000 photos on my old site and now adding them all to this site i have been a quality long standing provider in the escort comunity

29. Do you see couples ?

No i am sorry

30. How old of a person will you see what is your age limmits

I prefer men between the age of 34 to 99

31. I know you don't receive but do you give fisting?


32. Why did you change your site ?

because the old site was not allowing me to update photos or videos or send out newsletters

33. Are your rate's negotiable ?

no i am sorry they are not

34. are there any additional fees for extras

no my rates are a flat rate for time and compainionship

35. Do you see couples ?

no i am sorry i do not

36. Do you speak greek?/ enjoy it?

no im sorry i do not speak it

37. Do you offer smoking fetish ?

of course i do

38. Do you deep french kiss?

yes i do enjoy kissing and deep french kissing

39. What is your favorite color

pinks blues and purples

40. Why do you advertise as a bbw you dont look like one in photos

I  am a bbw size 12-14 so i am considered a bigger gal

41. Do you ever provide incall in Jacksonville ?

only if i have met you in the past

42. Are your tits real ?

of course they are

43. Do you Swallow?


44. Hey we have seen each other before is it ok to come over with not call first ?

no please respect my time i may not be at home or may have kids here please allways call or text first

45. Are you verified through date-check ?

yes i am aa5045f

46. Do you still travel to Jacksonville for incall or out-call ?

I do still offer outcall to jax as long as you have refrences or have passed my screening process

47. Are you shaved ?If no would you consider growing it out if apt made?

right now i am trimmed i do keep it natural unless asked to shave in advance before our date is made

48. what sets you apart from other providers?

well i am 100% me at all time i have been told that i am patient kind and have a good sense of humor. I don't rush my time with you . and for me this is a learning process of learning new things. I am also a good listener. I will promise i am not like any provider you have met or ever will meet . And the proof is in the visit . I am not on drugs I do not belive in drama and your time with me is your time with me ..

49. Do you entertain fetish"s

yes i do just send me a quick text or email to ask

50. do you see couples ?

no i am sorry i do not

51. I see that you offer both CIM(completion) and COF/COB. Which do you prefer?

i personally have no preference that is something you decide what you like better

52. why do you provide xtra time with new friends ?

because that gives new friends more time to get acquainted with me

53. Will you provide prostate massage and give/receive rimming?

yes to giving prostate massage and yes on rimming

54. do you have toys ?

yes i have a few

55. what ages do you see ?

Anyone over 35 if you have a reliable provider reference then that can be discussed absolutely no one under 21

fred pocock (05.23.2022)
can you tell me how I can become a member? or is it too late. I\'ve been a member before. Now in a different environment.
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Dave Webb (03.07.2022)
I\'m 40 years old living in tallahassee and have never been with a provider before so I have no references. I\'m new to all this but very interested and need to know what I need to do to get set up. Thank you for your patience!
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Kenneth (12.16.2021)
Do you still offer a two provider option and if so what does it do to your donation amount?
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Ashley Ann
no i’m sorry i don’t
Richard Fox (04.13.2021)
Good evening,
I hope you are doing well. I was just wondering if you ever tour up in Tallahassee?
Thanks, Richard
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Ashley Ann
On occasion I do get up there
Christopher Martin Paul (08.16.2019)
Would you sell your panties
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Ashley Ann
sure i have no issue with that
JOSEPH CARDILLO (05.20.2018)
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Tim Martin (04.15.2018)
How far in advance notice do you need for someone new?
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Ashley Ann
about 2 hours maybe less depending on where you are coming from or where i am going
Tim (04.06.2018)
Do you have a problem with bearded men?
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Ashley Ann
Not at all
Steven (03.04.2018)
When you do employment verification, do you claim you are looking to hire the person?
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Ashley Ann
no i simply as if you are available to speak with
walter (10.08.2017)
What are the hours of a overnite visit?
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Ashley Ann
normally a 6-8 block of time that you choose
Ivan (07.29.2017)
And see that you have a zero drug policy does that also include weed ?
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Ashley Ann
i don\'t smoke weed if you smoke it its fine just not around me it gives me a migraine i don\'t drink either on a rare occasion i do enjoy a glass of white wine that may be a once a year if that
Ricky (07.04.2017)
Do you travel with toys? Specifically a strapon and paddles, floggers, and such. Or do I need to ask when booking?
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Ashley Ann
i do not provide toys you must provide your own for sanitary reasons
Terry Davis (07.03.2017)
How much advance notice do you need for an over night visit in Deland?
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Ashley Ann
only a few hours
Chris (04.25.2017)
What area of Orlando is your incall? Not address obviously, but what you\'re close to?
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Ashley Ann
i don\'t have a incall in the Orlando area sugar i only offer outcall to Orlando
Austin (04.17.2017)
Do you receive anal sex and if you verify job employment does the job know someone is hiring you?
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Ashley Ann
no i do not participate in Greek and no if i do employment screening i ask if your available to speak with just like if you applied for credit or a reference check